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  • How to share Runder Biltong. Yes it's possible.

    Sharing Runder Biltong

    If you’re an avid biltong lover, you’ll know and admit that it’s hard deciding between sharing the scrumptious snack with friends or hoarding it all for yourself, like a secret treasure trove!

    Picture this: You’re sitting on your couch, clutching a bag of Runder’s finest that's practically singing your name, "Eat me, eat me!" Your taste buds are tingling with excitement, and the stomach is doing somersaults of anticipation. 

  • Runder Biltong: A Nutritional Goldmine

    Runder Biltong: A Nutritional Goldmine

    When it comes to snacking, the choices we make can significantly impact our health. Enter biltong, the beloved South African dried meat snack that has been gaining popularity globally for its unique flavour and impressive nutritional profile. But what exactly makes biltong stand out in the world of snacks, and why does the quality of nutrition matter?

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  • Braai like a boet!

    How to Braai Like A South African Boet

    Jurre, my bru! If you wanna survive at a South African braai gathering, without becoming "braai-fodder," read these survival tips, from a true Saffa. "Tjops" before flops: Don't be a "chop" and forget the meat! If you rock up to a braai empty-handed, you might as well wear a sign saying, "Vlermuis-braai me!"

  • How to cook boerewors, properly!

    Alright, bru! You wanna cook boerewors on the braai like a real South African legend, ay? Well, hold onto your floppies, 'cause I'm about to spil...
  • Should you share your Runder Biltong?

    Sharing biltong - yes or no?
  • NOTICE: Post nl delays due to high season

    We are aware that there are packages in our fulfilment log that are delayed, some severely delayed. Being an e-commerce business who are not phys...
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    Conquering Kilimanjaro has taught me an incredible lesson in resilience, discipline, and belief in one's self. The biggest takeaway is that our mind is our most powerful tool. It's not only about physical strength but also about mental fortitude. Overcoming the hardships during the climb taught me that we can apply this to any situation in life. It made me realise that after conquering anything; the obstacle does not change, you change.

  • Win-win. Biltong for content.

    If you are a Runder super fan and already enjoy our products, why not help us show the world how you enjoy your Runder Biltong?

    Are you in the great outdoors running, biking or hiking? Or at your desk being productive, maybe you are in the gym burning calories or blissfully on the couch snacking? Maybe you are a foodie and being creative in the kitchen...

    We will send you biltong and you send us content.

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    In recent years, the carnivore-based diet has gained significant attention and sparked numerous debates within the realm of nutrition. Contrary to traditional dietary recommendations, this approach focuses on consuming animal-based foods exclusively, while eliminating plant-based products. 
  • Biltong for athletes and sports enthusiasts

    Biltong can be a great snack option for athletes and sports enthusiasts.

    It is a high-protein snack that can help to support muscle growth and repair, making it a good choice for people who are looking to build or maintain muscle mass. Additionally, biltong is low in fat and carbs, which makes it a good option for athletes who are looking for a healthy snack that won't weigh them down.