Runder Recipes and More

  • Runder and The Dutch Proud at Rollende Keukens 25-29 May, Westerpark, Amsterdam

    Runder at the Rollende Keukens

    Are you as excited as we are? Come and visit us at our South African-Dutch store. We are teaming up with our big brother company The Dutch Proud to bring you some of the most delicious food you are going to find at this event.
  • Felix's Solo, Self-sufficient, 330km Ultra Marathon Trail Run in The French Alps

    Here is an exceptional human, who we've had the pleasure of working with. He has a passion for life, health and adventure, Felix is a great ambassador for all of these things in life and his current adventure shows just that.

    His movement is called Fasting for Fitness and today (23 May 2022) he began his solo, self sufficient, 330km ultra marathon down the full length of the River Durance, in The High French Alps.
  • Runder Launches on Acroya Meals

    We are extremely excited to be working with Acroya Meals.

    Not only because it's a young South African-Dutch duo behind the new chef to consumer meal platform but also because it brings a very unique dining experience to the comfort of your own home. We've curated a beautiful Braai-BBQ box which is exclusively available from Acroya Meals

  • The Ultimate Summer Braai Box is Here

    We've been busy in the kitchen developing what is going to be a highlight of your coming summer. The nice thing is that you 'll be able to repeat it. The most delicous pre-marinated and precooked easy meals by Runder, delivered to your door for the weekend.

  • Beef Jerky and Biltong

    Biltong and beef jerky are forever being compared to each other. Most likely because they are comparable as a dried beef meat snack. Although they are both dried meat they are in-fact very different - both in the way they taste and the way that they are produced.

  • Interesting ways to use biltong

    Of course, biltong on its own is a delicious and healthy snack. But have you considered some of the other opportunities presented by this traditional South African food item?
  • Sun's out get your buns out

    There is nothing quite as enjoyable as a well-made boerie roll and I have it on pretty good authority that we make the best boerewors in town. We’v...
  • How biltong is made

      The process of making this traditional, deliciously meaty South African snack is simple, though getting it just right can be tricky. In principle...
  • Why choose the Runder Biltong Taste Box?

    Biltong comes in many different – and delicious – varieties, shapes and flavours. So what do you do if you don’t know how to choose from all the op...
  • Hoe maak je broodjes gourmet boerewors? 3 Manieren

    Een broodje boerewors is een verrukkelijk Zuid-Afrikaans gerecht, gemaakt met een hotdogbroodje, worst (bij voorkeur bereid op de braai), en tomatensaus en mosterd naar smaak. Soms worden gebakken uien toegevoegd.
  • What are the benefits of the keto and LCHF diets?

    You’ve probably heard a lot about the ketogenic (or keto) and low-carb high-fat (LCHF) diets. But what exactly are they? And what are the benefits of following these diets? In this article, we explore the answers to the these questions.

  • Verschillende manieren om van biltong te genieten

    Biltong is een veelzijdige, gedroogde en gekruide Zuid-Afrikaanse rundvlees snack. Meestal wordt het in dunne plakjes gegeten, maar wist je dat er ook veel andere manieren zijn om van deze heerlijke snack te genieten?