Movie: The Roof - Anak Verhoeven's Bolting Journey

After a quick intro to Anak Verhoeven we are also very happy to be able to share in some of her latest work - an inspiring movie release about her recent adventures in Greece. If this movie doesn't inspire you - nothing will :)

My Bolting Movie Release

Female pro climber Anak Verhoeven takes on the challenge to discover, bolt and climb a hard route near Leonidio, in the Greek Peloponnese.

While scouting the valley with great determination, a potential line comes into view. As the bolting begins, difficulties and doubts arise. At times it seems like the project will end in failure. But, after four weeks of labor in a horizontal roof, the route is finally completed. Now Anak still needs to find the beta to send it…

Enjoy this story of perseverance being rewarded with results – shot in the beautiful scenery of the Mediterranean region.

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Filmed and edited by @ezra_byrne

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