Runder Recipes and More

  • Have you tried liver chips? Check out

    Modern Native is a very unique company. They offer a wide variety of supplements made solely from grass fed beef organs.Think: liver, spleen, lung, heart, kidney, thyroid, pancreas, gall bladder and yup, even testicles.Carefully sourced local Dutch beef, 100% grass fed organs, freeze-dried and capsulated.
  • Ever thought about what you eat in a week?

    Ever thought about what you eat in a week? 

    In a world where we are constantly chasing the clock, forever inundated with emails, messages, calls, pings from a plethora of social media streams, time has become even more valuable. Many people are simply time poor and before you know it the clock strikes 12 and all of a sudden it’s Monday again.


  • Generic protein bar - Nay. Biltong snack - Yay!

      If you are not snacking on biltong as a high protein pre-post workout snack then you are totally missing the boat. Put away those sweet generic ...
  • Runder x Deus Night Market 2.0

    Come and join us for a festive bite and slurp on some mouth watering drinks from the bar and cocktail shakers. Of course there will be a super sonic DJ playing suited beats to keep you tapping those feet through the evening.

    Full vendor info pack attached here.

  • Biltong Kaas Stengels Recipe

      INGREDIENTS 1 sheet frozen puff pastry (defrosted) 1 egg beaten 125g Gouda cheese, finely grated (try a mix with pecorino) 2 teaspoons sea ...
  • Black Friday Week Starts Today

    Black Friday Runder Biltong

    Let it begin. Monday through to next Monday everything is 15% off on
    Use code: 15%BLKF
    Biltong, wagyu, boerewors, snap sticks, droëwors, caps, T-shirt’s…
  • 100% Grass Feed Dutch Beef Biltong is Coming

    We've been very lucky to have been introduced to wonderful local supplier, Robert from Vlees van Ons. We always do our due diligence when working with new suppliers so that we know their story and ensure it aligns with our vision and mission, ensuring the consistent delivery of top quality products from
  • Night Market Amsterdam: Come and Join Us

      Come and join us for a supersonic evening of eating, drinks and festivities. Eat your way through a world tour of flavours, featuring the flavo...
  • Join us for a boerewors roll on Heritage Day, National Braai Day 24 September 2022

    South African National Braai Day (Heritage Day), 24 September 2022
  • #ShareRunder Biltong Giveaway

    We are running an epic competition: #ShareRunder Giveaway  IT'S ON INSTAGRAM It's super simple to take part so grab your phone, hit record and pos...
  • Out of Afri Camp - Deus Ex Machina x ROF Boots x Runder

    We had the pleasure of being invited to collaborate with some really funky brands last month at a very cool event. The Deus Amsterdam x ROF Style Out of Afri Camp held in a beautiful camp site at Landgoed Energy Up in Zeewolde (highly recommended camping spot just outside of Amsterdam.
  • Runder Launches Free Shipping

    Free shipping across The Netherlands on all orders above €90.00.

    It's taken a heap of work to reach this goal. Because of all of your support, we can finally offer this within The Netherlands.

    To our other customers across the EU, we are also working on a way that we can offer you better shipping prices. We have certainly not forgotten about you and are on a mission to be able to assist in reducing the very annoying shipping costs we all face with e-commerce.