Runder Recipes and More

  • Movie: The Roof - Anak Verhoeven's Bolting Journey

    After a quick intro to Anak Verhoeven we are also very happy to be able to share in some of her latest work - an inspiring movie release about her ...
  • Meet Anak Verhoeven - A World Cup Climber From Belgium

    A true adventurer is an understatement. If you just take a quick look at the situations she puts herself into (for enjoyment) you will get an ide...
  • Is all biltong equal?

    While both large-commercial and small-scale biltong production have their merits, there's a distinct charm and authenticity to biltong crafted through traditional methods without preservatives.

    Whether you're savouring a slice of small-scale biltong made with care and attention to detail or indulging in the convenience of commercial varieties, one thing is certain – the rich, savoury flavour of biltong is a true celebration of South African culinary tradition.

  • Runder Saucijzenbroodje [sausage rolls]

    South Africa has been calling and what better way to fulfil that calling then by filling up on something as nostalgic as a sausage roll. In South ...
  • Going Off Road with Roland Peelen: Deus Portal Swank Rally 2023, Sardinia

    We had the privilege of riding alongside some wild motor heads in the Deus Swank Rally a couple months back in Sardinia. Namely: Team Ikuzawa made up of: Roland Peelen, Ben Shuckburgh and Nelson, and good friend and photographer Tom Bergman. Adventure food at it's finest!
  • Khalid Al-Jabir - Man on Wheels - 'Desert Man'

    He has an affinity for adventure, especially those on wheels but it doesn't stop there. He is a man on a mission to submerge himself in travel, foreign culture, cuisine and connecting with people living a life very different from what he knows.
  • Do you recognise the ingredients that make up the food that you are eating?

    Do you recognise the ingredients that make up the food that you are eating?

  • Tunisian Sahara Motorbike Expedition with Erik van der Meulen

    We had the opportunity to travel with one of our local customers Erik van der Meulen on his recent adventure with his mates through the Tunisian Sahara. They travelled by motorbike and Erik gave us a short snippet of what went down.

  • Our Boerewors Shakshuka


    Don't let the subsiding summer feels get you down. Get your winter-game together and plan some delicious cooks ups with your crew to warm the soul. We may be a little early in talking about winter but this recipe is kick ass anyway.

  • How to share Runder Biltong. Yes it's possible.

    Sharing Runder Biltong

    If you’re an avid biltong lover, you’ll know and admit that it’s hard deciding between sharing the scrumptious snack with friends or hoarding it all for yourself, like a secret treasure trove!

    Picture this: You’re sitting on your couch, clutching a bag of Runder’s finest that's practically singing your name, "Eat me, eat me!" Your taste buds are tingling with excitement, and the stomach is doing somersaults of anticipation. 

  • Runder Biltong: A Nutritional Goldmine

    Runder Biltong: A Nutritional Goldmine

    When it comes to snacking, the choices we make can significantly impact our health. Enter biltong, the beloved South African dried meat snack that has been gaining popularity globally for its unique flavour and impressive nutritional profile. But what exactly makes biltong stand out in the world of snacks, and why does the quality of nutrition matter?

  • Join us at The Parking Lot D'Elegance, Eco Plantage Rococo Hotel

    The Parking Lot D'Elegance is calling all adventure cars ready to cross Africa overland. This special Dutch edition is taking place in the marvell...