Biltong Chunks 150g


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Premium Quality Beef

Mouth Watering Flavour and Texture

High in Protein and Loaded with Nutrition


This biltong is a wetter and juicier style of biltong and may or may not contain some fat.The amount of fat will vary form bag to bag. Whether you are following a regular balanced diet, carnivore diet, Paleo or LCHF diet these meat chunks are the perfect snack.

Flavour Profile

  • Orignal - traditional taste, rich and authentic biltong.
  • Spicy - bold, zesty flavors for the spice lovers.


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“Excellent product with the authentic South African biltong taste, flavor and quality. As one who has spent time in South and Central Africa, I am only too glad to endorse it as the REAL THING!” - James Platt ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐






At the heart of our biltong lies a commitment to customer excellence, embodied by our premium quality, locally sourced beef. Carefully selected and expertly crafted, each slice of our biltong showcases the rich flavours and tender texture that only the finest quality beef can offer.


Fuel your muscles with our protein-packed biltong, crafted to elevate your snacking experience. Each tender slice delivers a powerful punch of protein, making it the perfect on-the-go snack for adventurers, fitness enthusiasts and health-conscious individuals.


Savor the irresistible flavor explosion of our biltong, a culinary delight designed to tantalize your taste buds. Each bite promises to deliver an experience that will linger on your palate long after it's gone. Made from premium cuts of beef, our biltong boasts a tender texture that melts in your mouth, leaving you craving for more. 

Undeniable Flavour

Made in the traditional South African way using a classic and simple recipe giving you the most authentic biltong experience outside of South Africa.  Some of the best biltong you'll find. Tender and flavourful slices of beef, perfect for snacking on the go and on adventures.

Loaded With Nutrition

Gram for gram you'll get more than 50% protein in your bag, packed with energy, natural fats, zinc, creatine, fibre and salt. This will sustain your and avoid any energy surging during your day. 

Snacks You Can Trust

 100% natural. Contains no artificial ingredients and no preservatives. Our production process has been simplified and perfected. Our biltong is gluten free, additive free and has zero added sugar. You can trust and reply on all of our products.

Locally Sourced Meat

Our biltong range uses mostly meat which has been born raised and slaughtered within The Netherlands and or EU. Excludes our Japanese A5 Wagyu Range.

Customer Reviews

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Customer Reviews

Based on 237 reviews
Pure Opulence

Hooked. Putting this stuff in my mouth is hard to describe, in that moment it doesn't matter who's president or anything! Could do with some more competitive pricing though, it's coming down to going on holiday or eating more Biltong. Easy choice honestly.

Ryan N.
A pleasant surprise

I was over the moon when I found a biltong shop in Europe, while it's not completely to my taste biltong wise, the owner messaged me on my order, gave me all the details of the product and I really really appreciate the attention to detail.

A great first step for folks up here to get addicted to biltong

Janine Van riet
In tegenstelling met jerkybis biltong malser van textuur.

Zalig, een echte vlees smaak, en niet taai. Verslavend lekker! Ik kocht een halve kilo, 4 stukken netjes lucht dicht verpakt. ik liet er 1 stuk uit de rest netjes in de vriezer. De volgende dag het 2 e stuk er al uit 😆 yum yum het is een blijver.

Yolande Hueck
Lekker man!

Verskriklik lekker! Lekker stukkies vet en dit het hopeloos te vinnig verdwyn. Ek sou van bietjie meer sout en spice gehou het maar nou ja dit was nog steeds die beste biltong wat ek in Nederland geproe het.

Eddie Reinbergen
Good meat

Very Nice And good meat

Got Questions? We’re Here To Help!

What is biltong?

Biltong is a thick beef steak that has been spiced, salted, marinated and  air-dried to eating perfection.

Is biltong a good source of protein?

Gram for gram biltong packs a mega punch and is typically more than 50% protein per pack.

Is sugar added to Runder Biltong?

We use natural vinegar and raisin juice in our recipe which only contain natural sugars. We do not add sugar into any of our products.  

How does free shipping work?

We offer free shipping within NL, BE and DE on all orders above €99.00. If you make use of a discount code and the cart value drops below the threshold due to the discount, the free shipping will not be applied. This threshold excludes shipping costs.




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Biltong Chunks 150g


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