Meet Anak Verhoeven - A World Cup Climber From Belgium

A true adventurer is an understatement. If you just take a quick look at the situations she puts herself into (for enjoyment) you will get an idea of what moves her needle and what kind of character this woman possesses.

Photo credit above: @ninotjska (Leoni von Ristok)
Photo credit cover: @johnjanssens 

We absolutely admire those people who stretch beyond the limits, exist outside of the comfort zone and thrive when in it too, in this case on the cliff face!

Anak is a 27 year old professional climber from Belgium. Anak has World Cup titles under her belt and taken podium places in world championship events. She’s been climbing since the age of 4 🤯!

She is dedicated to the sport and we can’t be more proud to be associated with her and supporting her on her journey to the top.

As a professional athlete you need to be in tune with your body, your mind and health. Nutrition plays an important role in that and subpar nutrition will not get to the heights that Anak manages to reach.

Watch this space. More to come from Anak on her upcoming adventures. She is determined to set new world records in the outdoor climbing space.

A powerhouse of a woman and force to be reconned with!

Photo credit:  @seb_richard26

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