Runder Biltong Subscriptions


Subscriptions get 10% off your entire cart value.

 Benefit from Runder Biltong Subscriptions

Build your own personalised biltong snack box and we will prepare this fresh for you each month to ensure you have the best possible snacks and nutrition on hand, daily. 


  • Always have your favourite snacks at a hands reach.
  • Ensure you are getting enough protein intake.
  • Natural meat snacks that you can 100% trust and rely on.
  • Hassle free ordering.
  • Tracked shipping with notifications and updates on your package.
  • Early access to new products and flavours pre-release.
  • Earn Runder Rewards with each order. Make sure to sign up to Runder Rewards to benefit from this.

How it works

  • Always receive 10% off your entire order.
  • Free shipping over €99.00
  • Minimum subscription term is 3 months - non redeemable.
  • Cancel anytime after 3 months.
  • Complete flexibility: You can change or modify the subscription products at any time.
  • Your order will be automatically renewed (debited from your credit card) each month on the same date that you initially subscribed to the products.

Terms and Conditions