Is all biltong equal?


While both large-commercial and small-scale biltong production have their merits, there's a distinct charm and authenticity to biltong crafted through traditional methods without preservatives.



Whether you're savouring a slice of small-scale biltong made with care and attention to detail or indulging in the convenience of commercial varieties, one thing is certain – the rich, savoury flavour of biltong is a true celebration of South African culinary tradition.

Eating meat has become a controversial topic although humans have been eating meat for centuries. Our farming methods have had a drastic impact on the way people perceive meat as a food. Rightly so, some farming methods are shameful and exploit animals and their livelihood. 

We always encourage to source your meat responsibly and buy the best quality that you can afford. Meat is a goldmine of nutrition and in our opinion an important part of a well balanced diet.

Biltong has become more commercially available in recent years but is all biltong equal? 

Most commercially available biltong you may find on a shelf or on the web is produced with standard commercial spice mixes that give you a good result as they comprise of all the necessary spices flavour enhancers, additives and preservatives, to achieve that good flavour. This often means that the quality of meat can be inferior and totally masked with the added extras.

We believe that if you are using prime quality meat then the meat is what needs to shine. Of course we use a combination of spices too to create complimentary flavours with the meat, fat and spices but we also so this without the use of any artificial preservatives, flavour enhancers or unrecognisable ingredients.

We don't see this being being done much in the industry - there are very few producers who dedicate the time and trials needed in order to achieve this process. Our products are not perfect and we are always looking at how we can improve and omit issues that we face but we are totally dedicated to offering 100% natural and nutritionally loaded meat snacks that you and your family can 100% trust and enjoy daily.