Runder Recipes and More

  • Beef Jerky and Biltong

    Biltong and beef jerky are forever being compared to each other. Most likely because they are comparable as a dried beef meat snack. Although they are both dried meat they are in-fact very different - both in the way they taste and the way that they are produced.

  • How biltong is made

      The process of making this traditional, deliciously meaty South African snack is simple, though getting it just right can be tricky. In principle...
  • Why choose the Runder Biltong Taste Box?

    Biltong comes in many different – and delicious – varieties, shapes and flavours. So what do you do if you don’t know how to choose from all the op...
  • Biltong vs Other Ready-to-Eat Protein Snacks

    Ready-to-eat protein snacks such as biltong, beefy jerky, and protein bars are a popular choice post-workout, during hikes and long bike rides, or as a healthy alternative to junk food. 
  • 5 Gezonde lunchbox snacks voor je kind

    Het samenstellen van de lunchbox van je kind kan een hele uitdaging zijn, vooral als je niet veel tijd hebt.
  • Gezonde inspiratie voor een originele borrelplank

    Heb je iets te vieren met je familie of vrienden? En heb je geen zin om veel te koken? Dan is een borrelplank een hele goede keuze! Wil je je gaste...
  • A South African Favourite: What is the History of Biltong?

    What is biltong, a delicious snack enjoyed by South Africans? And why is it so popular today? The history of biltong, explained.