Japanese A5 Wagyu Biltong Whole

Japanese A5 Wagyu Biltong Whole

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+/- 200g of biltong per slab.

We make this absolute biltong indulgence with a traditional South African-style spice mix and only use Japanese A5 Wagyu meat. Simply put this is for the curious and for the meat fanatics.

Flavour profile: Rich. Spiced with aromatic spices like roasted coriander seed, crushed black pepper, a hint of clove, and sea salt. 

This Wagyu biltong is delicate and soft due to the marbling in the meat. It has a dissolving mouth feel, which can be enjoyed on its own or with a cold beer or good glass of your favourite wine. Best served by thinly slicing and enjoying a few pieces at a time.  

Everyone enjoys biltong in their own way. With a whole piece of biltong, you can eat it just the way you like.

Some people prefer a wafer-thin slice while others like their cuts more thick and chunky.

Allergens: May contain traces of nuts, gluten and mustard seeds.

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Nikky Sriamin
Good lord just buy it now

Best thing you'll ever eat, probably.

Jonathan M.

It’s all true no lies 😑 phenomenal 🤯 just do it, like nike😁

If you don’t like fat wagyu don’t do it 🤭

Gianluca Taurino

echt uitzonderlijk product

Cheney Dent
Best Biltong Ever!

This is by far the best Biltong I have had whilst living abroad. The regular fatty biltong is superb, but the Japanese A5 Wagyu Biltong takes it to the next level with the sensational texture with the marbled fats throughout every slice you eat. I savored every bite and can't wait for my next order!