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Biltong Knife

Biltong Knife

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For some, eating biltong is a sacred ritual. Everyone has their preferred way of eating it. For example, some people like it dry some like it wet. Some like it cut thin, some cut thick. Spicy, not spicy. Fatty, no fat... you get the idea.

That said, having a sacred knife which cuts up your biltong is an important part of the ritual too.

This handy Runder pocket knife is ideal for cutting up your biltong to whichever thickness you prefer. The folding blade makes it compact, which means you can safely take it on your adventures (no flying please) with you and have your biltong the way you like it, wherever you are.

  • Blade material: Stainless steel
  • Blade length:  8.5 cm 
  • Brand: Opinel
  • Handle: Beechwood
  • Engraving: Lazer 
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