Biltong Whole with Fat 500g
Biltong Whole with Fat 500g

Biltong Whole with Fat 500g

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+/- 500g of biltong per bag.

Traditional South African-style biltong which tastes just like it does in South Africa. 

Flavour profile: Spiced with aromatic spices like roasted coriander seed, crushed black pepper, a hint of clove, and sea salt. 

Everyone enjoys biltong in their own way. With a whole piece of biltong, you can eat it just the way you like.

Some people prefer a wafer-thin slice while others like their cuts more thick and chunky.

If you like some fat on your biltong then you are going to enjoy this. The amount of fat varies from piece to piece. This type of biltong is generally a bit wetter and juicier.

Ingredients: Beef, coriander, salt, sodium nitrite, pepper, spices, vinegar, Worcestershire sauce.

Allergens: May contain traces of nuts, gluten and mustard seeds.


All Runder products are fresh and perishable products.

While biltong has been cured with salt and also air-dried, it does not contain any preservatives that extend it's shelf life. Therefore, careful storage is required to ensure it is kept in optimal condition.

We recommend keeping your whole pieces, wrapped in an airtight medium and in the freezer. Simply take out a piece when you would like to eat it and allow it to come to room temperature before eating. Biltong defrosts very quickly.

It is best to not refreeze the biltong once you have defrosted it.

Alternatively, you can store it in a cool dry place, out of direct sunlight and away from any heat source. Keeping it in a closed container will likely develop some humidity, moisture and it may spoil

We do not replace whole pieces of biltong due to mould developing from incorrect storage methods.


Our whole biltong pieces are only vacuum-sealed in plastic for food safety during transportation. It is not intended for you to keep the biltong in the packaging. Please remove your whole pieces from the packaging when you receive your package and follow the care instructions provided.

  • We do not replace whole biltong pieces if your biltong goes mouldy.
  • We guarantee the biltong gets to you safely through our shipping process but it is up to you to store your biltong correctly.
  • If you are not comfortable with how to care for and store whole biltong try our sliced biltong instead. It has a longer shelf life.

 Order online. Delivered to your door.

  • Premium 100% Dutch Beef.
  • Proper South African taste.
  • High in protein. 
  • There is no added sugar. No MSG.
  • Simply salted, spiced, marinated, and gently air-dried to eating perfection. 


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Customer Reviews

Based on 72 reviews
Not great

I was happy and excited to receive a fresh butcher type biltong but this tastes and the texture is like those you get from Woolies with a lot of preservatives in. Not what was expected.

Vivian Horwitz
Good, could do with maybe a little more coriander/spice

I’ve come from Johannesburg, so I grew up with biltong with coriander seeds, scattered on the surface (fly repellent). This Biltong is close to Ward. I love to eat. It is not quite there until I have sliced it and dried it. Some more. I think slightly more coriander and pepper in the mix my make it closer toward I remembered fondly from the butchers in Bramley of my youth.
Until then this is as good as I can get

Best Beef ever!

Great quality, i love the fatty edge, very tasty and perfect for slicing your own pieces.

Melody Odendaal

Het klaar weer bestel 😉

Marius Janse van Rensburg
Goeie biltong

Biltong was lekker, lekker spice. Kan doen met bietjie meer vet. Sal weer bestel.