Generic protein bar - Nay. Biltong snack - Yay!


If you are not snacking on biltong as a high protein pre-post workout snack then you are totally missing the boat. Put away those sweet generic protein bars made up of a long list of strange ingredients and funny veggie powders and grab a bag of natural biltong.

There’s a better way to get your energy up and your tummy saying - ‘Hell yeah!’.

Biltong is, without a doubt, the highest quality protein source you will find in a snack size bag. There is an increasing trend in the meat snack market especially with the ‘health-conscious’ consumer.

High quality pre-packaged dried meats are quite literally being gobbled up for their impressive health benefits - especially biltong, a traditional South African dried meat product.

It’s low in fat

Meaning its super lean, leaving you with even more protein. It’s not only delicious, but also perfect for a healthy snack option, especially for paleo, Keto, carnivore diets and fitness freaks. It's loaded with natural protein.

The nutritional values are almost incomparable to any other nutritional product. To add, it’s also 100% natural. Biltong is so loaded that a 100 gram serving gives you your full daily protein requirement, which also aids muscle growth.

It's far better than jerky

Most traditional jerky is produced with a long list of ingredients, including sugars, artificial flavouring and often also smoked.

Biltong is simply thick cuts of beef strips that get spiced and air dried. With minimal interference during production, these beef strips dry up and condense their flavours while retaining all of the meat’s core nutrition.

Being high in protein it is a super healthy daily snack for anyone on a fitness or health buzz. It’s a fantastic source of your vital minerals like, vitamin B-12, zinc, iron and magnesium.

These are all great to ingest post workout to replenish what gets lost during your physical activities.