NOTICE: Post nl delays due to high season

We are aware that there are packages in our fulfilment log that are delayed, some severely delayed. Being an e-commerce business who are not physically delivering packages ourselves, we rely on 3rd party service providers who carry our delivery across Europe.
Due to high season, holidays, bonus pay and good weather the delivery services are experiencing a big back log of packages which they are trying to resolve daily. We ask for your patience while this is carried out. We understand the inconvenience and are dealing directly with each case separately.
We will always cover our customers if a package does not arrive or arrives spoiled. We got you fam, please be understanding and patient.
With appreciation, Team
PS. Its not only post nl experiencing delays but also other courier service providers in EU.
If you are able to collect your orders this will of course avoid the risk of a delay with your order.
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More information about the parcel rush...

Why is it so busy?

Due to the payment of vacation money, extra days off, and the nice weather, people tend to order a lot around this time every year. To prepare for this rush, we ask webshops in advance how many orders they expect. We adjust our capacity accordingly. Since we deliver approximately a million parcels or more per day, even small percentages of extra orders make a big difference. This can result in delays.

What are we doing about it?

Of course, we are doing everything we can to deliver your parcel as quickly as possible. And fortunately, for most parcels, we succeed. However, unfortunately, we are dealing with a backlog that we are slowly catching up on. Therefore, every day we process new parcels along with a portion of the backlog. Additionally, due to the recent nice weather, there are many large parcels, such as garden sets, swimming pools, and barbecues. These take up more space in our delivery vans.

To address the backlog, we have deployed extra people. We are also working longer hours, including weekends, and operating night shifts. Unfortunately, in some cases, it may still happen that you have to wait longer for your parcel. We apologize if that applies to you and we hope to have your parcel at your door soon.

Where is my parcel?

We are doing everything we can to deliver your parcel the next working day. However, in some cases, that may not be possible. In track & trace, you may receive different notifications:

  • Parcel not yet processed

In the case of a delay, it's possible that your parcel has not been scanned by us yet. In track & trace, you will see that the parcel has not been processed by us. Once we start processing it, you will receive new updates in track & trace. We recommend waiting for those updates.

  • Delivery time unknown

Some delayed parcels are still awaiting delivery. In track & trace, you will see that the delivery time is unknown. We understand that this can be confusing. Once we start delivering your parcel, you will receive a new notification. Therefore, we advise you to wait a few days.

How is it possible that the parcel I ordered later arrives earlier?

Here's the situation: during the peak season, a backlog has occurred. Due to the way we process parcels, it is not possible to clear that backlog before we start working on new parcels. Therefore, it’s possible that a parcel from a few days ago still needs to be processed while your parcel from yesterday is being delivered today.