Have you tried liver chips? Check out ModernNative.nl


Modern Native is a very unique company. They offer a wide variety of supplements made solely from grass-fed beef organs.

Think: liver, spleen, lung, heart, kidney, thyroid, pancreas, gall bladder and yup, even testicles.

Carefully sourced local Dutch beef, 100% grass-fed organs, freeze-dried and capsulated. For the convenience of your wellness.

This may sound controversial but take a look at the nutritional stack in these supplements and the long list of benefits before making up your mind.

One of their newest products are liver chips. Runder has partnered with Modern Native as their production partner for this particular product and if you are into liver, you are going to love these.

They are kindly offering an exclusive Runder customer discount - if you are interested, hop on over to ModernNative.nl and use this discount code at checkout: