5 food dishes you can make using biltong

Biltong is a delicious snack on its own. But did you know that it can also be used to add an interesting - and tasty - twist to a whole variety of meals and dishes?
South Africans love biltong so much that they have come up with many creative ways to use biltong in the kitchen. Thanks to its distinctive taste and delightfully chewy texture, biltong is a great option for adding variety to a standard recipe. And it’s a great source of extra protein as well!
In this article, we explore 5 of the many meals and snacks that you can incorporate biltong into:
1. Biltong salad
Bored of eating the same salads all the time? Then spice up your salad game with a few slices of biltong. Not only is biltong a great source of protein in a salad, but it also adds texture. It combines well with many different flavours, so you can experiment with using biltong in a wide variety of salads.
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2. Biltong pizza
You’re probably used to eating ham, salami or chorizo on your pizza. So why not change things up for once and add some biltong instead? You can choose to go for biltong slices or biltong dust - they’re both great choices for pizza toppings.
3. Fried eggs and biltong on toast
Want to add a new dimension to the standard breakfast dish of fried eggs on toast? Instead of going for the obvious choices like ham or bacon, you can add a few slices of biltong instead. Tip: the slightly moister biltong slices work well in this type of recipe.
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4. Biltong pasta
Biltong is a great addition to standard pasta recipes such as macaroni and cheese or carbonara. But of course there are many other options as well, and here you can really get creative. Perhaps you want to invent your own biltong and mushroom pasta? Or a biltong pasta bake? Or even a biltong-based pasta sauce? The only limit here is your own imagination!
5. Hummus with biltong dust
While this is not a meal in itself, it is great as a high-protein dip or sandwich spread.
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