Night Market Amsterdam: Come and Join Us


Come and join us for a supersonic evening of eating, drinks and festivities.

Eat your way through a world tour of flavours, featuring the flavours of amongst others, South Africa, Korea and Greece. Authentic Boerewors, Empanada’s Galore and the Mussel Man counter with feta and ouzo mussel pots! Excite your taste buds with hot honey, fatty-delicious biltong & Haarlem-made charcuterie. Chow down on bao buns, dumplings, or glistening beetroot pickle-loaded Aussie burgers with a side of disco fries. There are tasty vegan and veg options too.

Drink sexy Swedish wine in a can from Djuce, pair 3 orange wines with award winning Dutch coffee cheese, or be the first to taste LaLaTequilas brand new reposado tequila in their Espresso martini. Have you tried the Dutch vodka made from Tulips yet? Hard Kombucha finally arrives as does Coffee Kombucha for those who wanna skip the booze. Meet local USA brewer Tyler and try his Abstract Brewing!