Do you recognise the ingredients that make up the food that you are eating?

New year, new me, right, errrr…. not! 

Cliche? Yep! But this is the time to kick yourself into that gear you wish you’d permanently be running in.

Truth of the matter is that we all make big promises to ourselves after the silly season of: over eating and over indulgence with family and friends. Setting promises, goals and targets at this time of the year we often set ourselves up for failure. 

The key is to consistently do things every day that keep you stable and healthy and on that positive plane. For example: have you ever listed and diarised what you eat in a day and count the calories for just one day? Im no calorie counter but if you did it for just one day, you’d be surprised at how much extra stuff you ‘throw in’ without acknowledging what you’re actually putting in your tank. 

We are big supporters of the notion that each body functions differently to the next and there is no ‘one size that fits all’. But we do support the notion of eating whole foods that consist of ingredients you can recognise. A great way to get a hold of your eating routine is to prepare your own food so you know what’s in it and take control of what you put in your body.

Do you recognise the ingredients that make up the food that you are eating?

Another way is to always be prepared, being unprepared means you set yourself up for failure. Going to be commuting? You’re likely to get hungry along the way there or back and what will you snack on? A bag of crisps from the station kiosk, maybe a chocolate, or a cookie, a muffin, another coffee, maybe some nuts, jelly sweets… nothing too wholesome being offered at those convenience stores.

Do yourself a favour this year and get prepared on the food front. If you eat well and do it consistently you will notice massive improvements in many parts of your life. Start with what you eat and see what cascades and unfolds into other aspects of your life. When you wake up and make good decisions on your food of the day you are likely to take steps towards respecting that choice through out your day and you will think twice before throwing in anything unnecessary 

Snack on food that you can recognise when reading the back of the pack. 

Snack on Runder Biltong.