Healthy, High-Protein Snacks for On the Go

You’ve just completed a tough workout, and you’re looking for a convenient protein-filled snack to eat on the go. Or you’re working hard to build up your muscle mass, and you need to make sure you eat sufficient protein throughout the day. So which snacks do you turn to?

In this article, we give you five recommendations for healthy, protein-filled snacks that are easy to eat on the go.

Biltong, a traditional South African dried meat snack, packs a powerful punch in terms of protein. In most cases, it contains at least 50% protein, as well as creatine, iron, and B12, all of which are essential for keeping your energy levels high. Creatine, in particular, plays an important role in building muscle mass and repairing muscle tissue.
As a snack, therefore, biltong is a nutritional powerhouse. Not only that, but it’s also delicious and the biltong slices (which are usually made with pure beef, salt, and spices) are convenient to eat on the go.
Learn more about biltong and where you can buy it here.

Nuts and seeds
Nuts and seeds contain plenty of protein and healthy fats. They’re also tasty and super easy to take with you wherever you go. There’s also plenty of variety to choose from, so you’re sure to find some that you like. Just make sure to choose the unsalted, unsweetened varieties if you want to keep it healthy.

Peanut butter sandwich with wholegrain bread
This classic snack is easy to make, filling, delicious, and full of protein. It’s also practical for eating on-the-go. The exact quantity of protein in the sandwich varies according to which type of bread and which brand of peanut butter (and how much) you use, so make sure to read the labels!
When you use wholegrain bread to make your peanut butter sandwich, the result is a healthy snack that keeps you feeling full and energised for a long time. The fibre in the wholegrain bread, together with the healthy fats in the peanut butter, ensures that the energy provided by this snack is released slowly, preventing a sugar spike and subsequent crash. 
Hard-boiled eggs
You can easily boil a batch of eggs in advance and take them with you as needed. Each egg contains approximately 6 g of protein, depending on the size of the egg. Eggs are also affordable, filling, and full of healthy fats.
Greek yogurt
Low-fat Greek yogurt contains approximately 6 - 9 g of protein per 100 g, depending on which brand you buy. You can either eat it plain, or you can add nuts (for extra protein), fruit and honey for additional nutrients and flavour.
What is your favourite high-protein snack to enjoy on the go? Ours, as you can probably guess, is biltong! Read more about the nutritional value of here.
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