Felix's Solo, Self-sufficient, 330km Ultra Marathon Trail Run in The French Alps

Felix's Solo, Self-sufficient, 330km Ultra Marathon Trail Run in The French Alps


Here is an exceptional human, who we've had the pleasure of working with. He has a passion for life, health and adventure, Felix is a great ambassador for all of these things in life and his current adventure shows just that.

His movement is called Fasting for Fitness and today (23 May 2022) he began his solo, self sufficient, 330km ultra marathon down the full length of the River Durance, in The High French Alps.

Now most people would think this is just crazy but with the right preparation of training, a determined mind set and nutritional support, its certainly a mountain that can be conquered.

Felix approached Runder to see if there was opportunity for him to carry biltong along the journey to supplement his diet on route. Biltong is such a mega load of nutrition and of course packs a mean punch when it comes to protein. It's light weight, super wholesome and as an added bonus its just damn tasty.

For us, it was an honour that he selected our product to assist him in keeping him fuelled up for his journey. He is also carrying other food to ensure he gets his calorie load that is required to get him through each day.

In this video, Felix explains what food he is carrying in his pack and what each product does for him.

Something else to note is that Felix follows an intermittent fasting diet. That means that for approximately 15 hours of the day he does not consume food. He has certain windows in his day where he will eat and load up on calories, protein etc in order to acquire the energy he needs to get him through his day.

Amazing right? 


Follow Felix on his journey on social media:

YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/c/FastingForFitness

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/thefastingforfitnessclub/?hl=en

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