Spicy Biltong Sliced
Spicy Biltong Sliced
Spicy Biltong Sliced

Spicy Biltong Sliced

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150g of sliced spicy biltong per bag.

Flavour profile: Sweetly spicy, roasted coriander seed, chilli flakes, paprika, a hint of black pepper and sea salt. 

This product is mildly spicy. 

  • 100% Dutch Beef. Traditional South African flavour.
  • High protein. No added sugar. No MSG.
  • Salted, spiced, marinated and gently air-dried to eating perfection. 

Runder Biltong is a fresh and perishable product. It requires correct handling methods to prevent the product from becoming mouldy. Store in a cool dry place, out of direct sunlight and away from any heat. Keeping it in a closed container will likely develop some humidity and it may spoil.

Allergens: May contain traces of nuts, gluten and mustard seeds.

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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 45 reviews
    Anton Schroggi
    Great spicing!

    You still get the delicious flavour of the original Runder biltong with just a little kick that hits just right, will definitely be ordering more!

    Dan Wang
    My favorite snack in the Netherlands!

    A bit sour, and spicy, definitely got a nice kick. I eat it for breakfast and snack together with the delicious dry dip spice I made by myself! Love it!

    James Mortner
    Really tasty

    Lived in SA for a long time, this biltong is legit. The spicy one is pretty spicy! I like it but be warned it truly does have a kick

    Amazing !!!

    This brought back the memories that I have been longing for. After living in for several years in South Africa i missed the taste of biltong since I moved. Thank you !! The spicy biltong is the absolute best

    Moist and well seasoned

    Good biltong, deserves the title.