Traditional Boerewors Lollipops 750g

Traditional Boerewors Lollipops 750g

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This product requires cooled shipping. Only available in NL/BE. 

+/- 750g per bag. (5 x 150g lollipops)

Thin-style beef boerewors rolled into 150g portion and pricked with a stick. Yielding the most delicious meat lollipop you'll ever try.

100% beef, coarsely ground, infused with nutmeg, clove, salt, and pepper and encased in natural sheep casings.

Allergies. May contain traces of gluten and nuts.

Boerewors, the Afrikaans word for 'Farmers sausage' is a traditional South African sausage that is typically (and best) cooked, over the flames, on a Braai. The wors is flavoured with sea salt, cracked pepper and heaps of coriander which give it that unmistakable Boerewors flavour. 

Runder Boerewors is a thin style sausage made with 100% beef filling and a natural sheep casing, which keeps the meat in its sausage form. 

There are no artificial ingredients in this product. No sugar, no fillers, no wheat or cereals. Simply put, our Boerewors is a specific ratio of beef meat to beef fat, salt, pepper and spices. 

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Customer Reviews

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Great way to reminisce. Seasoned to perfection!

Anthony Prukar

Fantastic addition to your stock selection - the thin wors is far preferable and so much easier to prepare compared to the Traditional Boerewors.