Cost: applicable to weight of order and destination address.

Delivery within The Netherlands: Generally 3-5 working business days after dispatch has commenced. Any packages being sent to residential addresses may be delivered on the weekend. In some circumstances packages can go missing with the shipping carrier. In this circumstance, the shipping carrier requests up to 5 additional working days to correct the issue. We reserve the right to allow the shipping carrier to rectify the issue before we dispatch a new order.

In the case of the carrier not being able to fix the problem of a missing parcel, due to the incorrect credentials or shipping details provided to Runder by the customer, through ordering on our website, Runder will not be held liable for the missing package, its contents nor be obligated to resend the package or provide a refund. We rely on being provided accurate information from the customer, in order for Runder to be able to deliver your package seamlessly. If you provide us with incorrect shipping details, this is unfortunately not something we will cover, in the case of a lost package. Postbox parcels or 'brievenbuspakkets' are not insurable and we cannot open a case with the shipping carrier for such packages. 

For International deliveries please allow for 4-7 working days for your delivery to arrive. In the case that it does not the same procedure will apply as detailed above.