Traditional Beef Biltong Whole Pieces

Traditional Beef Biltong Whole Pieces

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Typically, a South African would eat about 150g of biltong in one sitting. Whole biltong is really enjoyable when cut into chunky bite-size pieces. If you are worried about not being able to eat that amount of biltong before the biltong spoils, we recommend keeping your whole biltong pieces in the freezer and taking a portion out as and when you want to eat it. Biltong defrosts very quickly and can be consumed within a few minutes of coming out of the freezer.

Runder Biltong is a fresh and perishable product. It contains no preservatives which means it requires correct handling methods to prevent it becoming mouldy. Store in a dry and cool place, out of direct sunlight and away from any heat. Keeping it in a closed container will likely develop some humidity and it will go bad.

Our whole biltong pieces are packaged in 500g portions for shipping only and are not intended for you to keep the biltong in the packaging. Remove your whole pieces from the packaging on arrival to avoid the biltong moulding.

Please pay attention to the care instructions here.

  • We do not use preservatives.

  • We do not replace whole biltong pieces if your biltong goes mouldy.

  • We guarantee the biltong getting to you safely through our shipping but it is up to you to store your biltong correctly.

  • It's best to keep your whole pieces in the freezer and take out the pieces you need. 

  • If you are not comfortable with how to care and store whole biltong try our sliced biltong instead. It has a much longer shelf life.


 Order online delivered to your door. 500g per bag.

  • 100% Dutch Beef. Traditional South African flavour.
  • High protein. No added sugar. No MSG. NO BS.
  • Salted, spiced, marinated and gently air-dried to eating perfection. 



  • Energy 256kcal (1070kJ)
  • Protein 47.2g
  • Fat 5.6g
  • of which saturates 2.1g
  • Salt 3.8g
  • Carbohydrates 2.1g
  • of which sugars 2.1g

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Customer Reviews

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Good stuff

Love it

Best Biltong outside ZA

Have tried several companies in Europe in search for tasty and well made biltong. Finally found! Love it!!

Taste of home (Suid Afrika)

Really good quality!

Very tasty and great service!

This biltong was so tasty! The friendly and speedy service I received from the Runder team was fantastic. From a South African who is very particular about biltong, I highly recommend

Tasted like Home

Thank you for the excellent product and service, you brought the tradition of South Africa to Holland, well done guys! it was so lekker!