Top 10 Snacks for Your Next Day Hike in the Netherlands

Hiking probably isn’t the first outdoor activity that comes to mind when you’re in the Netherlands. You may be surprised, then, to discover that this small, flat country has many beautiful hiking trails for you to explore.

Since the start of the corona pandemic, more and more people in the Netherlands have turned to hiking as a hobby. Whether you’re an experienced hiker, or completely new to this activity, you probably know that you need healthy, energy-boosting, and convenient snacks for along the way.

In this article, we give you our top 10 suggestions for great snacks to take on your next hike:

Cheese sandwiches
A staple item on the Dutch lunch menu, and also a good option for taking on a hike. The cheese provides protein and sustained energy, while the bread gives you carbs to keep you going.

For meat lovers, biltong is about as close as you can get to the perfect hike snack. This tasty combination of dried meat and herbs is a great source of protein and iron and helps replenish the salt that you lose through exercise. It’s also delicious, easy to pack, and easy to eat on the go.

Have you never tried biltong before? Click here to learn how it’s made and where you can buy it.

Dried and fresh fruit are both great options, as they provide instant energy, as well as essential vitamins and minerals. Some practical options include: bananas, apples, orange slices, grapes, dried apricots, dried peaches, and raisins. Fresh fruit has the added benefit of replenishing lost fluids, which is important when you’re hiking.

Nuts are a healthy, filling source of protein, vitamins, and minerals. You can eat them on their own, or combine them with dried fruit to make your own trail mix.

Raw veggies such as carrot sticks are a good choice if you’re looking for a healthy snack that is easy to prepare, convenient to pack, and easy to eat on the go.

Not the healthiest choice, but practical. Since you’re out there enjoying fresh air and exercise, why not go ahead and treat yourself with a few cookies? Or, since you’re in the Netherlands, a local favourite, such as a stroopwafel or gevulde koek?

Gummy sweets
These are useful to have on hand in case you need an energy boost right away.

Wholegrain pancakes are a great (and mostly healthy) source of carbs for during your hike. Cook them in advance, roll them up carefully, package them securely in aluminium foil, and you’re good to go.

Dark chocolate
Another great option for boosting your energy while enjoying your hike. Just make sure to pack it in a place where it won’t melt easily - keep it away from the part of your backpack that rests directly against your back, for example.

A healthy and delicious snack, especially if you make your own from scratch, instead of buying the ready-made or microwave variety.

Whether you’re going to be exploring the dunes of Zandvoort, the wild heather of the Veluwe, or the hills of Limburg, we hope that you thoroughly enjoy your next hike in the Netherlands with these tips. Preferably also with a delicious snack of Runder biltong, of course!