Sun's out get your buns out

There is nothing quite as enjoyable as a well-made boerie roll and I have it on pretty good authority that we make the best boerewors in town. We’ve had a look at the weather report and it’s clear(ish) from now until next Wednesday. 

So why not celebrate this gift from above in style by inviting some mates around, getting out the braai (bbq), lighting a fire and cracking open a couple of cool ones, while the boerie sizzles away.

 If, however, you’re still not ready to brave the cold, don’t let that stop you just for the sake of authenticity. Our boerie goes just as well in the oven at 175 degrees C (5 – 7 mins per side for thin boerie or 10 mins per side for thick) 

Or simply fan fry for around 5 mins per side for thin boerie and 10 mins per side for thick – just be sure not to overcook – bangers got their name because they go bang! This is caused when you cook your sausages in pan that’s too hot.

For more detailed instruction instructions see a previous blog post here

Whatever way you prepare the boerie it’ll be good and although traditionally they’re served on a soft ‘pap’ roll, here in the Netherlands there are some fantastic options in the broodje (bun) department that will work just as well. 

 Then last but not least, fry up some onions and add your favourite tomato sauce ‘ketchup” and/or mustard and add a generous helping of this to the roll just before serving.