Out of Afri Camp - Deus Ex Machina x ROF Boots x Runder

We had the pleasure of being invited to collaborate with some really funky brands last month at a very cool event. The Deus Amsterdam x ROF Style Out of Afri Camp held in a beautiful camp site at Landgoed Energy Up in Zeewolde (highly recommended camping spot just outside of Amsterdam.

What was the event about? 
First and foremost it was a collective of super interesting people, with the burning desire for adventure. A mix of creatives: musicians, product creators, entrepreneurs and lovers of 2 wheels, 4 wheels and of course great food.

Mostly these were friends of Deus and ROF style who came together to trial what looks to be the beginning of an event that will likely happen annually. 

Runder had the pleasure of taking control of the food for the weekend in conjunction with Deus Cantina and we put out a harvest table made up of fruit, bread, home made veg pâtes, dips, cheeses, breads, crudités and of course Runder Biltong. We were also lucky to have an food truck to work out of, an 'old-school' truck that has been converted into a mobile kitchen. What a vibe.

For dinner we sparked up the braai (as well as a smoker) where we did a variety of meats, veg and zesty salsa Verde. 

After that an energetic party pursued into the early hours of the morning sharing stories, laughs and funky cocktails made with Dutch Tulip Vodka (Clusius Vodka)

Needless to say the morning after we needed a nice greasy brunch and what better than a big juicy boerewors roll with all the trimmings: tomato sauce, mustard, chilli sauce from T-Rex sauces and caramelised onions. The ultimate hangover cure which everybody loved.

It was the ultimate outdoor weekend. Keep your eyes peeled for further updates on future events like this.

Also, if you don't already know of these brands linked above, follow the links and go see their pages, websites, stories. All very interesting brands, people and products with a close tie to The Netherlands and South Africa.