Keeping your health UP!

This year has been a strange year for everyone. Work life, social life and recreational routines have been limited or even stopped completely. Many of us have succumbed to spending more time at home and quite possibly, doing a lot less. Which is not necessarily a bad thing! 

If anything, it has given us time to reflect personally and take more time for ourselves - whether it be before, during or after work commitments, in general people have had more time at their disposal. How have you been spending that time? Have you replaced good habits with bad habits or have you replaced bad habits with good ones?

Are you making the effort to do that home work out or get outside for that walk and breathe of fresh air? Hopefully you are not spending more time at your desk, without a break or fueling up with quality and nourishing food. Are you drinking water in between your coffees? Are you noticing your posture while at your desk, are you spending more time mindlessly scrolling or are you being more efficient with your time and getting things done?

At the end of the day, for us, this year has been about general health and taking care of ourselves, our business and family during these trying times. We have focused more on nutrition and caring for our bodies to ensure it is in the best condition to be able to combat anything that is thrown at it. 

Whether you are an active person or not make sure to keep your health high by eating nutritious food, staying active, stretching, getting good sleep and not spending too much time on the myriad of digital platform offerings that tend to consume so much of us these days and quite frankly have become a socially excepted norm.

No matter where you are working from, make sure to put yourself and your health first. Consider what you are throwing down your throat when you are snacking, drinking or taking that smoke break. Treat your body like a temple and give it the respect it deserves.

If your body and mind are healthy and strong you will already have solid foundation to kick off the new year, no matter what it decides to throw at us.