How to Eat Runder Biltong

Biltong can be eaten in a variety of ways. Traditionally, in South Africa, biltong is enjoyed as an everyday on-the-go snack. You can find biltong in almost any convenience store, farm stalls or your local deli. It is a national staple and has been that way since the early Dutch settlers brought their meat preservation methods to South Africa in the 1800s.

Because Biltong is a vastly consumed meat product, there are hundreds of manufacturers who all make Biltong in their own unique way. This means that the nutritional values vary from manufacturer to manufacturer. Mostly, consumers see Biltong as Biltong and are not that bothered by the ingredients used to make the Biltong - as long as it tastes good, most biltong eaters will be satisfied.

At Runder Biltong we have focused on producing Biltong in the healthiest way possible, without compromising on flavour. We produce Biltong from Amsterdam in The Netherlands and therefore choose to use Dutch beef that has been born, raised and slaughtered in the Netherlands. We are proud to call it a Dutch product inspired by South Africa. We use all-natural ingredients in the process, no added sugar or artificial flavouring. We make our own blend of spices which makes the Runder Biltong taste so unique and delicious.

Considering the above process - the results give us a product which is naturally high in protein, zero added sugar, super low in calories and above all - tasty and versatile.

You can eat Runder Biltong as a pre or post-workout snack, as an energy source, you can add it into a pasta (just like you would add bacon, pancetta or parma ham), you can add it to your charcuterie board, your work lunch, your children's school lunch box or on a pizza with some cheese or figs. Add it into your omelette or quiche - no problem.