Health benefits of quality biltong

Biltong on a global scale is relatively unknown.

In South Africa, it is something you can find in almost any shop or any family's pantry - whether store-bought or homemade, it's a South African national staple snack food. 

In Dutch, the word Biltong is kind of a strange word, since it directly translates to '(Bil) buttock (tong) strip'. This, can in some cases, be off-putting from the get-go. When elaborating on what biltong is, to people who are not familiar with the meat snack, it takes a bit of explaining and tragically what often helps is comparing it to beef jerky. Then the penny drops.

For biltong makers, this is a sad occasion because biltong is everything jerky wants to be... healthy and delicious. We don't have anything against people who eat jerky, we just think biltong is better. Because it is. It's better to eat and it's better for you.

Biltong packs a pretty mean punch when it comes to looking at the health qualities of the meat snack, especially when its made with quality and natural ingredients.

Here are some facts about biltong:

1. Biltong contains a high volume of natural protein.
In most cases, if you were to eat 100g of biltong - 50g of that would be protein. In some cases that can be higher. 

2. Biltong contains creatine. 
This helps build muscle mass and enables us to do physical activities with less strain. 

3. Biltong helps contains iron and helps create red blood cells.
Because of the naturally occurring iron in the meat, biltong helps increase the volume of red blood cells in our body.

4. Vitamin B12
B12 also helps to create red blood cells

5. Contains Zinc
A lack of zinc can make a person more susceptible to disease and illness. Zinc assists several functions in the human body and it helps the activity of many different enzymes in the human body. 

Nutritional Info Per 100g
Energy 256kcal (1070kJ)

Protein 47.2g
Fat 5.6g
of which saturates 2.1g
Salt 3.8g
Carbohydrates 2.1g
of which sugars 2.1g