Biltong ordering, storing and eating Instructions

ORDERING.  Go to, choose your favourite products. Move swiftly to the checkout. Wait for your delivery to arrive. Smile, life just got better.

STORING.  If you’re able to contain yourself and keep it long enough, store your biltong in a cool dry place. If you store your biltong in a heated room it may develop mould inside the packet. After opening the packet, eat the biltong within a few days. If you purchased whole pieces of biltong, it will have been vacuum-sealed. So, before you demolish it, allow your biltong to air for a day. The flavour will be even better once it’s had some contact with air. Learn more here.

EATING.  Where to begin, so many ways to eat biltong. It can be eaten as a work snack at your desk (no mess). As a protein source, think pre/post-workout snack. Add it to your breakfast - scrambled eggs, yum. Sprinkle it onto your pizza. Add it to your charcuterie board with a glass of wine. It’s highly addictive with an ice-cold beer because beer and salt are best friends. Get creative and add it into your cooking. With pasta, in a quiche, on toast with melted butter. Salads, yes. Tapas, yes. Mix it with cream cheese and make a biltong chip dip. Baking bread? Then add it into the dough. Muffins, sure thing! Hiking, outdoor activities? Take the biltong. The list goes on but we are running out of space.

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